COMSPEC Management Group
Thank you for visiting our website. If you are an owner of a staffing service and are thinking about selling, consider ComSpec Management Group as a viable source to assist you in your efforts.

ComSpec Management Group is a mergers and acquisition firm specializing in bringing Sellers and Buyers in the staffing industry together. Frances Tannehill and Larry Martin, the principals of ComSpec, have been in the staffing industry for over 40 years as business Owners, Sellers, and now Business Sales Advisors. We have a very good understanding of this industry and what it takes to grow a business that will be attractive to prospective Buyers.

Frances Tannehill has been in the staffing industry since 1968 when she joined Norrell Services in Atlanta. She left Norrell in 1980 as a Vice President and General Manager to start TRC Staffing Services. While at TRC, Frances served as a Director on the ASA Board. After growing TRC from $0 to $25 million in less than 5 years, she decided to sell her interest to her partners. Upon completing a four-year non-compete agreement, she started consulting in the staffing industry. In 1991, Frances became one of the owners of a small staffing service in Atlanta which was started by Larry Martin and his wife. The staffing company was sold, and her involvement is now in mergers and acquisitions.

Larry Martin has a background in manufacturing and staffing. He has a good deal of experience in M&A from the manufacturing side. He was involved in several acquisitions as a part of his company's growth plans. Larry and his wife started a staffing service in Atlanta in 1985. His expertise lies in the financial and back office operations side of the business.

You will find that our approach is a bit different from the standard brokerage firms. When a company decides that it is time to sell or start thinking about their exit strategy, ComSpec's first step is to offer a valuation of the company at no charge. This gives the Sellers a good understanding of the worth of their company and what possible purchase price they might realize. This step includes a pre-due diligence performed on the financials, mix of business, market share, growth trends, overall company information, etc. The next step is to put this data into an informational packet to present to prospective Buyers who most nearly mirror the Seller's philosophy, culture, and mode of operation. ComSpec's ultimate goal is to assist prospective Sellers in achieving the best value for their company!

ComSpec's approach is truly different: We take the time to educate, inspect, verify, present, and negotiate so that it is a WIN-WIN for both the Sellers and Buyers.

We welcome your inquires. Please know they will be held in the strictest confidence.

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